Shoot me. I wanted to throw that printer in the pool, but my girlfriend wouldn’t let me. I think she secretly was going to do it. We got a printer and decided to try to put it together the night of her birthday, thinking it would take an hour or so and then we could go out for drinks. I’m not that awful of a boyfriend — we had already celebrated with friends and family. This thing was in ### parts. I’m not kidding, and it took forever to put together.

Once we put it together, we turned on the 3D printer and hit print. Here’s what we got. A bunch of hot, stringy mess. Sound familiar?

I spent the next 2 months trying to get it to print. I’d come home from work each day for weeks, working away until midnight or 1 a.m. every night. It was my bright idea to try 3D printing so I thought I had to get it working, but honestly, I wanted to give up.

I’m an engineer by trade. After 2 months, I realized that most of the parts were garbage. They were acrylic and the stress and heat that the test print jobs put on them was causing them to break. No, we still didn’t have a single successful print. So I started reengineering the parts. I  had to find software to develop new 3D printer parts. (See our post about what software to use to create new 3D printing projects.)

So the irony…how do I 3D print parts for a printer that doesn’t work. Yeah, we bought a new 3D printer. I have to admit, that hurt my pride a little, but it was well worth it. We bought a second printer to print parts for the first one.

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