When we started this venture, we agreed to be transparent about successes and failures. So here’s all about our recent failure, which has led us to figure out a few things. Maybe it will help aspiring craft-show-attendees.

We’ve attended a couple shows recently to sell our Christmas crafts. We get scores of people walking up talking about how cute, awesome — even “magical” — some of the things we’ve created are. Yet, not a lot of sales. Why not? We think we figured it out. When people come to holiday-themed shows, they don’t want the Christmas crafts. They are looking for things that keep them organized, gifts that they can give family and friends and ideas for future crafts. Several people commented that they had already put up Christmas decorations, so they weren’t in the mood to purchase them. We thought we picked the right time of year because at prior shows, people said they weren’t ready yet. But in the end it was not the right timing for us.

What we have figured out is that our work is “stuff” people like. We just have to figure out when and where to sell it. And we have to figure out the right venues.

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